Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MG Mk-2 A.E.U.G. ver.2 WIP 6

last post of the month.. April coming soon.. means?.. APRIL FOOL!!!.. haha.. one more hour to go..

so.. this is the post for the arms unit and the shoulders unit..

the inner frame from front view..
side view.. only few part needed to assemble it only..
some sliding armor i guess..
when it blend.. part of the armor will actually slide in.. but sometime it will block the movement if it not blend properly..
complete arm side view..
complete arm from front view.. i didn't separate all the fingers as i feel it is unnecessary to do that.. it will only make me more headache because individual finger will easily plug off itself when i want to make it hold the weapon nicely..

shoulders unit.. as from the picture.. it look quite simple.. plenty of surface where pla plate and additional panel line can be apply to here..
now i have the formania Mk 2 gundam.. haha..

to be continue


fairuzaliayen said...

immediately even before reading the caption of the last pic i was thinking of formania nu gundam hahaha i wonder what is the formania nu gundam for since it is just an upper body part i prefer the gunpla more than the formania hehehe

come on!!! build build hahaha

this month i want to stop buying and do some building instead hehe

Faris said...

Hey quick finish him up hehehe i want to see the final form.
I also have him but i decide to do something extreme to it like what i usually do to my HG Gundam although this time its an Mg

seven6398 said...

fairul: basically the formania nu is a display of gundam that come with super duper detail parts.. it isn't fun for us if we like to build but it definitely worth for photo and as a collectible..

buying gunpla is fun and easy to addict to it.. shopaholic.. haha..but when we have too much gunpla that not build out will easily make us lazy to build..

Faris: i will try my best to finish it up by this month as i addicted to those HG.. reborn gundam especially.. but have to do well on this kit too.. shinpai shi nai de kudasai.. watashi wa ganbateh mas..


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