Monday, May 3, 2010

HG Reborn WIP 8

beautiful and gorgeous.. i complete the snap and fit now.. the pre-build stage.. the next thing i'm going to do is prime it and paint it.. i noticed that i didn't added any information regarding what i'm going to do with this kit.. so.. here we go..

-surfacer before paint
-all the red color parts will be re-paint to metallic red
-will try on the mat coat on all the white color part
-yellow color parts and joints or grey color parts will paint to gold (can't decide what should i do with the beam rifle)
-panel line
-foil stickers
-clear part will paint to orange clear which same color with the beam saber
-some of the white color parts will paint into metallic red too

i guess that's all i'm going to do..

from the back.. nice..
disassemble everything and ready for surfacer.. another week needed.. i still need to get the metallic red.. any suggestion of the type of metallic red?

to be continue


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

looking forward on the color scheme^^ anyway you impressed me by using the tiny compressor to the max and still not die yet haha

should try getting those AB set too =D

seven6398 said...

Zoidiect: thx.. anyway.. if you planning to get AB set.. i suggest better save money for at least normal type but not the tiny type i'm using now.. the one that i'm currently using is starting to give problem.. sometimes.. but glad it sill work.. and i'm starting to feel the air flow is not strong enough anymore.. slow my works down.. it is because the time for this tiny compressor coming soon.. haha.. good luck pal..


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