Monday, May 17, 2010


GN-X ikke!!!.. first WIP of this guy.. box, runner and manual.. and guess what.. there is something special come in the box.. so.. why i get this.. what is my story about this guy.. alright.. i will give my own reason here..

first.. start with the anime.. season 1.. roughly around episode twenty plus.. it show the union, HRL and AEU are getting something new to fight back the CB badly.. i was like.. damn.. sure it will be cool.. those party that lack of technologies finally have make something up to fight back.. their own gundam.. but too bad.. it was another cool looking grunt machine.. and at first.. i feel the shape was.. weird.. not balance.. i mean.. look at the legs.. big tight.. small foot.. after saw it beat the trinity team.. wow.. that long beam rifle is cool.. and when they fly in the formation.. another wow.. starting to love.. i was planning to get some of the HG version before this MG version announced.. but looking at the price which like RM 50 something.. and those old 1/100 NG seed model cost at RM 70 something.. made me confuse.. and that time.. i don't like 1/144 kit much.. so i postpone the plan.. and then.. news of this MG version coming out.. the GN-X version from the A-law in season two looks worse.. without the long torn (i don't know what should i call it).. the "X" for the name like gone.. damn.. my story end here.. lets check the pics..

boxart was ok.. not too bad..

the left picture with showing the inner frame is one of the coolest pose in my opinion..
some more pose..
this is the special thing that i mention this kit come with.. i was wondering why this MG GN-X will come with Macross Frontier VF-25 Sheryl Norm decal.. never mind.. as long as the content of the box is perfect.. i'm fine with extra stuff.. haha

total of 11 runners include the PC runner.. since this kit doesn't come with any huge bag pack.. the runners will normally lesser than others..
decal and stickers.. with so many decal.. only few can use.. like those numbering for each GN-X..

my favorite part from the manual all the time..
another cool pose..

about what i'm going to do with this kit.. well.. i have pick the color scheme from here but may in blue or black.. gotta say thx to lupes.. haha


Q said...

I agree with you that later GN-X variants don't look as cool without the long binders on the shoulders and waists. Really love the optional long barrel part for the beam rifle too.

And lol at bonus Macross decal there. Don't think an ita-GN-X will work too well, but well it's an option (even though I won't do it if I have some) ^^; That sure is kinda random though.

Custom colour scheme? How about that of Advanced GN-X? Simple but effective IMHO ^^

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

and i lol at macross decal...totally blew my mind XD

seven6398 said...

sorry for the late reply guys.. been working on my assignment..

Q: haha.. i won't use the macross decal on this kit.. mm.. advance GN-X.. i'm more interested with it design and weapon.. i still like the lupes's color scheme..

Zoidiect: haha..

Tsukinari said...

LOL weird... the macross decal shouldnt be in there.. I dont have it when i bought MG GNX O_o... lol where u buy it.. maybe the seller mix up something with it >_<;;

seven6398 said...

tsuki: haha.. actually my friend bought it for me from Singapore.. so i also don't know where he bought it.. haha.. maybe the seller mix it..


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