Friday, May 7, 2010

HG Reborn WIP 9

took 5 hours in two days to finish all the primer, paint job and top coat.. first time trying out the clear color paint and it was a bad experience for me.. found out new method of handling gold paint too.. so.. lets go for the details..

first top coat all the white color parts.. things went well with stronger air pressure.. thanks to the performance of the tools which i have service it last few days.. mixture was fine and the result is mad enough.. the amount of top coat that i use and show in the pictures.. was too much.. what a waste..
surfacer went well too.. but too much part to cover.. almost overheat the tiny compressor.. the metallic red that i bought few days ago was the only problem that occurred in the painting process.. it look like a glossy metallic red before it dry but it look like blood metallic red after it dry.. and in order to make sure it cover all the painting area needed.. a foundation of red should be use.. or two layer of this metallic red needed.. method of red foundation for the paint is better in my opinion but i didn't use it (lazy to make another mixture which have to wash a lot of thing after doing it)..

new method of handling the gold paint?.. yeah.. gold paint will normally come in the form of gold powder and mix with some clear color liquid.. it is not easy to use for airbrush.. in order to make the gold paint apply properly to the parts.. first is to make sure that the gold powder mix up with the clear liquid properly.. then mix it again with the thinner in another empty bottle.. make sure the ratio of the gold paint is not too less.. ratio about 55% thinner and 45% gold paint is the best.. or else.. the result of the paint is like not enough gold powder to cover the painted area.. it is because the gold paint doesn't come with any foundation color as compare to those metallic color like red mix with silver chrome powder and create a metallic red color.. notice the ratio of the mixture for gold paint is disfferent but my recommended ratio does not apply to all the gold paint.. just a suggestion from me..

how bad about my experience on handling the clear color first time.. the clear color paint that i'm using is mr.color clear orange.. again.. i use the wrong ratio.. the paint was not enough thick because i use too much thinner.. with this ratio.. i should make few thin layer to make it look nice but i was lazy to make one thick layer with this ratio.. ended up the paint smeared out of the place.. in order to make a one thick layer which ease our job and spend lesser time for using clear color paint.. my suggestion will be the same method that i use for gold paint.. thicker ratio for the paint and lesser thinner..
well.. now i have finish all the pre-assembling, assembling and painting process.. show one completed kit picture above.. "teaser!!!".. haha.. more picture coming soon..

stay tune..


beamknight87 said...

Oh boy, that V-fin painted in red looks damn awesome! I look forward to your final result, I'm sure it will be really great with the effort you're putting to repaint it.

seven6398 said...

beamknight: thx.. will make all those action post photo asap.. stay tune..

Jacques said...

I really like the custom color scheme on Reborns Gundam shown in your sneak preview.

I'm sure the overall picture will be even better when the entire kit is revealed. Good job!

G.G. said...

I want to build a Reborns Gundam too. But yours is looking great. Show up the rest of the pics soon!

btw, Reborns Gundam is my favorite MS to use in PSP's GVG Next Plus game.


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