Monday, May 10, 2010

my next project (MG GN-X)

my next project.. MG GN-X.. get back to MG now.. it gonna take me a month to complete it as what i estimate base on my busy schedule (3 assignment, final and work).. leave those big project in holiday..

got no plan for it yet.. after seeing the color scheme from lupes's blog.. i was like.. wow..
well.. went NK's blog just now.. and found some sneak peek from the OO gundam movie which is coming soon.. September!!! 4 months to go.. as what i saw from the pictures.. another variation of GN-X.. gosh.. just like those UC Zaku but GN-X variation much more awesome in my opinion.. wuahaha.. too bad.. no MG treatment for other variation yet.. and this new GN-X.. come with new handsome face which have the shape similar to those exia, reborn and also the Qan[T] MS..
the first picture show in NK's blog is this one.. showing the palm in this size and i thought it was a new regnant.. haha..

those pictures except the boxart are from Ngeekhiong..

sorry for the delay of my HG Reborn's photo.. will create and post all here by tomorrow..

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