Wednesday, May 19, 2010


ee.. where is the LED light? i was wondering why no LED light come along or i lost it somewhere.. well.. i guess there is no LED light coming together but a slot for it.. maybe can borrow it from MG exia.. haha..

alright.. start the assembling process.. first.. as from the manual.. GN drive..

the parts.. screw coming together.. i mean those plastice screw that lock the GN drive to the chest..
docking station for GN drive.. useless part as i will keep it in the box later..
the cone (is this the right word? english mistake again i guess) is longer and sharper..

charging.. haha..

next up.. the chest..

to be continue


Tsukinari said...

the LED is not included, I dont have it too lol.. well.. i think its cost cut.. if got led the price will be +1000yen ish ^^;;... yeah.. right now im using MG exia's LED for him.. havent build my MG Exia yet lolz...

I like the GN-Drive lock mechanism... its cooler than exia one.. I was hoping that The 'cone' can have burst mode like exia but i guess it just like that lol...

go go go ninja build!!..

im currently modding (make panel lines) my GNX haha.. its been 1month since my last wip on him ^^;;

seven6398 said...

Tsuki: i got the battery for the LED light from exia but the problem is getting the LED out from the box will be difficult as too many box above the exia box.. haha.. another 1000 yen for the LED light.. luckily it didn't come with it.. those screw can move when the GN-drive de-attach and quite similar too exia r2 but serving different function..


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