Monday, May 24, 2010


alright.. update on this MG GN-X again.. had been so busy this few days.. final coming up.. assignment.. i even stop my part time job but still have no time to touch on this guy..

all the parts for the waist unit
the inner frame..

another special part of this MS is the position of the cockpit.. the cockpit is not stay at the abdomen or the chest but in front of the waist?.. isn't that will too dangerous for the pilot that shot by enemy.. i only notice it when i watch the S2 where Sergei's unit meet with Seravee.. the S1 at the final episode show the cockpit as well.. but not that clear..
one good thing about this waist unit is.. no skirt armor from the back, front or side.. just two heavy side binders which i will show it later.. no using ball type joint for pelvis.. so the articulation that provide from the waist to the legs is better..
long tail on the back.. a bit look like Cherudim's ass.. haha..

to be continue..

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