Wednesday, May 5, 2010


its about time for paint.. tomorrow morning if the weather allow me.. i was planned to have the painting job start today.. i mean now.. evening.. but suddenly.. heavy rain comes in.. and my painting area got wet.. the rain haven't stop yet.. zzz.. guess i will only able to finish everything with all the photos next week..

alright.. went to Times square again.. today.. get some supply for the paint as my thinner and top coat (gaia top coat) running out.. the other top coat i bought few weeks ago had kill my Mk 2.. i will never use them again.. maybe the top coat had expired and i forget to check it before i leave the shop.. well this time.. got everything checked.. the metallic paint and thinner from Mr. color are fine.. but the top coat.. not in gel form like what i have last time.. but the liquidity seems a bit "thick"?.. well i better not leave it in my room or my air conditioner will make it into gel form again (like making jelly in fridge).. part of the problem that i face for this top coat.. i found another interesting info about top coat.. well.. i have seen top coat with blue-ish tone and also grey-ish tone.. but the flatness of the top coat also have different types.. the top coat that i bought is additive flat type (means the outcome of the mat surface is very strong) and there are some top coat is not super flat or semi-gloss but just flat top coat.. and it is not exactly clear tone but it will create a smoke clear tone (weak white tone).. the real clear tone for top coat is really as clear as water .. damn.. no wonder some of the dark color tone become will become dull after the application of top coat..

another post about my tiny compressor coming soon.. stay tune..

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