Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HG Reborn

sorry for the delay and thank you for all your supports.. i have done it.. have reduce the amount of color type..

here is the summary of the works:

-mr.color metallic red
-mr.color gold
-mr.color clear orange
-gaia flat coat
-panel line
-foil stickers

notice there are a lot of nub marks all around the kit.. yeah.. i didn't sand all the nub marks away.. only cut those parts nicely from the runners.. i thought the surfacer can cover everything but i guess.. i fail.. too bad.. posing is fine for this kit.. this kit is well articulated.. but joints are a bit loose.. especially the knees which have the transformation function.. well.. the more i play with this kit, more scratches create in between the parts.. a good example was in between the chest and the shoulders.. not taking much photos for the cannon mode.. cause it can't post much and i'm afraid more scratches made.. other problem already stated in previous WIP post.. lets check the pics..

what does the color scheme looks like back here.. at first.. i feel how come it looks so familiar..
my mind just slip up and one super hero turn up in my mind.. the "Ironman" hahaha..

thats all.. enjoy..

off for assignment.. will be back this Friday..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

and thats a great looking one~!! good job (and the compressor did it again~!! 5th kit AB-ed haha)

chrismandesign said...

the paint job is sharp Seven, but i dunno exactly why, it makes him look pretty heavy/tardy, specially for the polychrome red, cuz the gold is perfect for me... is just a impression @___@...

seven6398 said...

zoidect: thx.. haha.. you counted for me..

Chris: my first impression for the red is.. Ironman.. then come with the gold.. haha.. heavy armor suit.. the red really give the feels that it is not plastic but it is real metal in red..

Busterbeam said...

nice! i like the golden gun!

Q said...

Damn your repaint makes Reborn looks even cooler than it originally was! Like the new colouring on the head - reminds me of Astraea Type F2. And all those gold bling bling here and there makes it seem more royal and badass. You are making me appreciating this Gundam more than before (because I usually before 1 Gundam more)! Well done there!

Tsukinari said...

very nice! love the Iron Man color :P

seems that you use the compressor better than me.. mine 2 month already died.. but I cant fix it coz mine was badly injured than urs the stuffs inside was broken in half! orz... lol

good job!

seven6398 said...

busterbeam: thx.. haha..

Q: thx.. i always think there is something missing about the head.. after seeing tsuki's reborn.. it make me think of something.. haha.. the dull yellow original from this kit make it look weak.. so i make it to gold.. more emperor look.. it should be for a leader of antagonist..

Tsuki: thx.. wow.. you checked the inside the compressor too.. i'm sorry to hear that.. you got your new compressor already?

Tsukinari said...

yeah.. already got new one.. the AS-186 RM350 ^^;;.. bought long time ago.. now too bz with work.. dont have time to AB-ing and gunpla-ing orz

fairuzaliayen said...

with that kind of MS i think setsuna would just surrender by saying..."that's the real gundam" haha

fairuzaliayen said...

love this so much i want to name it the Golden Rebirth Gundam=) hehe

seven6398 said...

tsuki: hope to see your custom reborn done soon..

fairul: nice name.. haha.. thx thx thx..

Logan said...

That red and gold combined to make a fantastic design. The details are outstanding. Very nice build.

G.G. said...

That is one sweet looking Reborns Gundam. The color actually reminds me of Ironman. But is cool nonetheless.

What kind of airbrush do u use?

seven6398 said...

Logan: thx.. nice to meet you..

G.G: the airbrush set i'm using is tiny compressor with HD-130.. for the detail.. may be you can go to this link.. http://seven6398.blogspot.com/2010/01/air-brush-set-with-tiny-compressor.html ..

Anonymous said...

My first thought when I saw the front (? the white/gold) was Lancelot (from Code Geass). And from the back, you are right, Iron Man :D So whichever side you choose you get kickassness ;o
After seeing this mobile suit in action in the anime I'm quite sure I'll get it at some point, but right now I have my hands full (maybe in the meantime there'll be a MG or something released :D).

seven6398 said...

irgo: nice to meet you.. lancelot.. i never thought of it.. mm.. what kit you are on now?..

Anonymous said...

@seven6398: Nice to meet you too :) Thanks for adding me to your blog list - if I ever get around to creating my own list, I'll be sure to include yours :D
Currently I'm working on a Kshatriya (if you've seen the Unicorn OVA, you know why, and even if not, that suit is just awesome :D) - I have a possibly kick ass color scheme for it in mind, hope it turns out that way ;)

PS: Looking forward to your GN-X - I wonder what colors you'll chose for it :)


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