Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some new Gunpla news (my opinion)

i'm totally disappointed when i heard the next MG is The O.. the MG wish list give us a chance get some rare gundam such as gundam X or something from Wing series maybe.. but this famous grunt machine.. argh!!! i think it will just get MG treatment soon even without this MG wishlist MS survey.. damn it.. the first place was Gundam V2.. i don't mind that be the next MG as well but why this???

12000 yen for this???.. i'm rather save the money for PG..
seeing this list.. i was thinking what about others that in first place and third place.. will it receive MG treatment too.. why not make the all top 3 in the MG wishlist MS survey into MG too???
this is something caught my eye in this event.. i never thought MG figurise will release Kamen Rider too.. i thought it only made for Dragon Ball series.. mm.. i love Kamen Rider Black RX become MG figurise too..

mm.. new HG from 00 movie.. nice.. may consider to get it..
real freedom!!! no.. freedom in sangokuden.. luckily i have not buy the normal version that re-release..
HGUC Delta Plus.. cool..
1/72 Tornado Messiah.. wow.. another kit add to my wishlist..


all image is from NK's Blog ..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

yeah seems this year is a bit 'crazy' haha

but now you mentioned it the new SouSou looks more like Freedom that Double X

Q said...

MG The-O was announced several years ago along with Marasai, but disappeared without a trace until now. The price has also increased significantly from 8000 Yen to 12000 Yen (search for Bandai Development Abyss on NK's blog).

I am sure that V2 is already under development - I have encountered an interview regarding the development of V Gundam before (and that the people behind it did mention that they will have V-Dash Gundam out as an MG as well as a booster/extra pack). V2 is on the way, but apparently they are working on the backpacks for the Assault and Buster, so I don't know how long it will take before we have confirmed info on that.

And yea 12000 Yen is really quite crazy. That is just as expensive as my most expensive PVC figure bought so far x_x

The only one that I really wanted out of the bunch so far is the HGUC GM Kai - now I don't need to buy the MG anymore~

seven6398 said...

Zoidiect: the sousou is design base on freedom.. the chest is the hints.. and i do saw the real scale sousou which mod base on freedom..

Q: marasai is great but i just don't like THE O.. about the V2.. i'm not really a fans of it.. but i admire V2 assault buster.. it looks cool..

congrats on your GM kai..

Anonymous said...

I 100% agree with you on The O - WTF, that unit hardly appeared in Zeta >_> And soon it was gone - I can't even tell what it's capabilities/weapons/ANYTHING were.
They should have made a MG TALGEESE instead ;_;

seven6398 said...

Igro: yeah.. MG talgeese will be cool..


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