Wednesday, May 5, 2010

repairing and servicing (inside the compressor)

checking the tools before starting a paint job.. actually i done it yesterday.. my air brush and compressor had giving me lot of trouble recently.. either the air pressure is not enough or blockage in the airbrush..

first.. i check the compressor that i thought it going to die soon since the seller said my compressor have overheat after i told him all the symptoms that my compressor had.. so.. before i confirm it have certify.. why not have a surgery?.. first i open the cover from the bottom of the compressor and the first picture show everything.. got two motors there.. when the compressor turn on.. the white color part in between the motor will move left to right like a piston in the engine in a tremendous speed.. and that is the part that make a lot of noise..
so.. during the surgery.. i got no idea what to do and the compressor is not breathing anymore (no air coming out from the compressor.. so.. i hold it on my hand while the compressor was on in the position of next picture)..
i hold the compressor vertical way like the one in this photo but the cover is not assemble back in yet.. and.. the white color thing in between the motors seems moving faster and wider.. air coming out.. strong air pressure.. i was like.. ITS ALIVE!!!!!.. damn happy that time.. so.. i thought that is the only way that it can work back because when i put it in to horizontal way.. it seems dead.. "stand if you want to live"..

but then.. my air brush give me another problem.. while the compressor back online.. the airbrush doesn't release any air.. so i took the most high risk.. disassemble the airbrush (should have take photo for it, will try to show the parts separately if it break down again) which i shouldn't do it because the seller told me that if i remove the needle, never move other thing or the position of other parts will not align with each other and it will easily spoil the entire airbrush.. well.. what can i do since the airbrush is not working.. disassemble and re-assemble the whole airbrush few times and it still not working.. put thinner to all the airway in the airbrush body to see if there any blockage.. still not working.. check the connector of the hose.. still not working.. WTF!!! repeat the same thing few times.. and finally.. it work again.. damn.. this is not the first time i face this kind of problem.. hope it will happen again..

before i wrap up everything.. i make a final check up on the compressor.. this time.. i tighten all the screw that hold the motors (like what i show in the first picture).. and.. VOWLA!!! even stronger air pressure.. lesser noise.. great.. and connect it to the airbrush.. i don't know how to explain the strength of the air pressure but the air can release up to 20 cm distance from the airbrush.. hurray!!!

and i even have one of the empty surfacer bottle clean up so i can use it like a empty bottle to thin the paint.. haha.. environmental friendly right..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

hmm can be use for future reference for me =D

seven6398 said...

one extra tips.. never over screw.. the the screw will always loose..


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