Monday, July 6, 2009

HobbySearch and this month loot

got my MG Unicorn and Sd Gerbera today.. from HobbySearch.. so exited when i reach home this afternoon and saw Pos Laju's van at the front of my house.. gotta get some matte top coat soon and got some new idea to create chrome thruster myself.. but have to test first.. maybe will do it on Wednesday..

i will be back soon!!!


Q said...

Wow nice, you got yourself the Unicorn! ^^

seven6398 said...

q: yeah.. now i can have it beside my sinanju.. hurray!!!

Michael said... much did it cost plus shipping for the unicorn? wouldnt it be cheaper to buy in malaysia?

seven6398 said...

Michael: um.. i think you can follow the link from Hobbysearch which you can click through the Hobbysearch banner in my blog to check the price.. actually there is some special deal which i can't tell how to get it from Hobbysearch..

but if you purchase a lot.. online order may a lot cheaper to get since you only need to pay one time shipping fees whereas buy in local there are some minor shipping fees include in every kit..


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