Friday, July 17, 2009

MG Unicorn WIP 8

alright.. time for the backpack and the weapons.. lets start with the backpack..

so.. the backpack look simple with some transformation gimmick as well.. pretty interesting is that there are two additional thruster open out after the transformation which make that destroy mode actually fly faster?.. and the way of the beam sabers unit turn out.. quite dangerous when playing a lot with the joint of the part that store beam saber cause it very easy to break apart.. small backpack size for a big boy (Unicorn consider to be quite big in 1/100 MG gundam)..

Bazooka was my favourite part.. detachable missile pack at the back.. remember i paint the front part from the previous post.. that is why i love this bazooka so much.. haha

beam rifle.. forgot to take the complete beam rifle picture.. those magazines was quite interesting.. pull out the front part of the beam rifle to release the magazines out of the beam rifle.. most of the gunpla have simple design on beam rifle but not for U.C. series i guest.. the sniper rifle from the MG Sinanju was a good example.. but applying decal on those magazines really blow my head and eyes since it got twenty decal for fifteen unit detachable magazines from each other..

the shield.. feels that this shield looks a bit like the x divider from gundam X i guess.. i mean the design of the shield give me that kind of feel.. applied a bit of panel line here.. but at the back was some thick panel line which look very very weird but i'm just leave it since it was at the back i not easily show up.. hehe..

thats all for today..

to be continue..


Jacques said...

"shield looks a bit like the x divider", same here too when I initially saw it.

The Abro silver chrome looks still amazing no matter how many times I see it, looks just like the real deal after applying.

I've gotta find where to get it in my neighbourhood. Great stuff!

seven6398 said...

jacques: thx.. i get it from ACE hardware shop actually.. just in case you can't find in your neighbourhood.. you can try there..


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