Monday, July 27, 2009

MG Zeta plus A1 arrived!!!

i told myself to stop buying gunpla this month.. DAMN!!! i've been looking for this kit for few month and when the month that come to save money.. it appeared.. without considering anything.. grab it and pay at the cashier.. got the price at RM 126!!! even its not at my desire price but it still quite acceptable.. i thought i want to get two of it when i was at the shop and the aunt (the mom of the shop keeper "time machine" i guess ) told me too.. but look at the wallet and considering this month budget.. the second unit will come next month.. the reason i want to get two of this kit is to make the other one paint with blue color on the red color parts.. great idea leh.. hope they still have it..

basically it is an old MG.. i was expecting it have the articulation as good as the MG Zeta ver.2 since the structure of Zeta doesn't change much and the major design not change also.. but when i look more at the box art.. i realized it actually same design as the MG Zeta ver.1 but not MG Zeta ver.2 .. i was like.. OMG!!! fine!!!

when i look at the box.. the white color was shining.. and there are two color i think to use.. glossy white or the pearl white..

alright.. the white color is not exactly white.. a bit of yellow actually.. my mind said.. paint it with white.. glossy white, pearl white or flat white..

can't find either pearl white or glossy white as i decided to use but found flat white.. tested it today.. pretty good.. and the surfaces are matte.. damn.. i like it..

color confirmed..

alright.. look at the action pose from the boxart.. the first picture which holding the beam saver.. look familiar.. it was the same pose with MG Regz at its boxart..

nice pose and it really freak me out.. why.. this is an old MG and same design as the MG Zeta ver.1 .. then MG Regz is an old MG and have the SAME POSE!!! which i thought that is a great pose.. the major problem i had from my MG Regz was the articulation especially the leg joint.. alright.. here is the story.. the MG Regz have ball joint type for legs and.. the polycap inside the pelvis was stay to inside for the ball joint to reach.. end up.. the legs just can't open wide at to 90 degree for each leg.. not even 45 degree if i'm not remember wrong.. and guess what..

i'm on the assemble part of the leg unit now for this kit now.. that god damn polycap was stay quite inside the pelvis TOO!!!.. dynamic photo??? er.. can't say anything here..

will be continue..

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