Monday, July 20, 2009

The moment of truth???

So.. the moment of truth??? not yet.. almost.. almost!!.. work streak for another 5 days i guess.. hopefully i manage to get all the photo ready as soon as possible..

went through the matte top coat process yesterday.. now i can use this words in short form "pita".. some of the part have thicker coating while some other not.. the small sticker look more significant after the top coat applied.. damn.. guess that is the effect that i didn't use MR.Mark Settle.. have to try that soon.. no more money to re-supply that kind of stuff.. this kit eat me one can of matte top coat!!! and means my RM 30 matte top coat just stick on its body.. and yet.. its not enough to cover the bazooka and the beam rifle.. can't imagine if i wan to put top coat on the inner frame too and how many can of top coat i have to use.. gotta spend sometime to paint the V-fin as well since my plan was using foil sticker at first to cut cost.. but only realize that i'm still have some can spray that have the color i want..


Michael said...

From the pic...i cant really tell the effect of your matte coating....

seven6398 said...

michael: haha.. yeah man.. sometimes i use other kit with the image contrast adjusted really looks like it've been top coat while this one with matte coating doesn't show the effect.. i was like wtf!!! i will try to use some white background to expose it.. hope it work well..


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