Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MG Unicorn WIP 7

so.. some extra painting (using the Abro silver chrome painting) for this kit as for the thruster and weapon.. it've been on my plan.. but again.. something not go according the plan again.. "disaster".. the way i put the thruster onto stick was upside down which end with the paint flow downward back and create some unwanted surface.. didn't plan to fix it since i'm going to hide all the affected thrusters either into leg or the back side skirt.. the other four thrusters unit were look quite satisfy so i leave it at the backpack..

thruster should be put the other way round.. ERGH!!!

vowla!!! the disaster and the end result of the painting..

consider my favourite part here.. i paint here because i'm just feel the bazooka unit was look to plain..

oops.. this post should be for the weapons and backpack.. argh!!! gotta work so got no time to update all thing here.. mm.. will post that by tomorrow night..

to be continue..


Busterbeam said...

i love that silver! i must have it.

Anonymous said...

what silver color is that ? Tamiya Flat Aluminium ?

Q said...

Ngee Khiong has just started building his Unicorn too! Maybe you can take some good hints from him in the future but he admits that he does take a while to build each of his gunpla ^^;

The silver does look good though, I gotta say!

seven6398 said...

busterbeam: thx..

Anonymous: it was the Abro silver chrome..

q: thx.. yeah.. i read his review everytime and make me realize a lot of thing.. especially the way he plan on the unicorn.. Z too.. both of them draft a complete plan from head to feet before they start.. still got a lot to learn from them..

he need to manage other blog which need to feed a lot of news from various sources.. i'm really admire and respect him to do all that so we can get the latest news..


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