Tuesday, July 7, 2009


a quick shopping on re-supply today.. going out with friends which is not interested much on Gundam Model but online games, branded stuff on appearing and clubbing.. just feel that i'm a little bit left behind from their world.. haizzz!!! should i follow them???..

so the content is.. water decal for MG destiny which i will use some of it to apply on other gundam model kit.. ZAFT unit..

then the Mr.Hobby matte top coat is for the MG Unicorn.. i'm just not sure that one can is enough for one kit or not.. the seller told me it got 88ml.. i never use this small can before.. wonder if this quantity of this small can spray can use for entire kit..

then.. the brush.. i try to get some cheap brush that use for water color.. and the result.. totally bad.. so have to try something with this new RM 20 (ouch) brush.. hope it work with Gundam Marker well as seen from some video tutorial..

remember my MG Strike Freedom the third unit which i use the Abro 18k gold color.. i bought another color which is same brand but in silver chrome color.. i didn't post the picture of that here.. i left it at the car porch and just lazy to take it's picture..

still looking for MG Zeta Plus A1.. any help please???


symbiotes021 said...

If you want to follow them, try follow them. If it's not to your liking, don't do it.... You should be what you want to be, rite.

Wow, a brush for RM 20.... I remembered trying to picked a brush around Rm 17.... but the shop attendant says to me that I better get myself a normal painting brush.... So I ended up not buying 1... :P

MG Zeta plus... I dunno how to help. Sorry.

seven6398 said...

symbiotes: mm.. two of them will go to Australia soon.. left another one of them here which i quite close to him.. i think i will still be wwhat i am and just go out with them sometimes.. thx for your advise man..

i try to get the normal painting brush before but the hair was too thick and not soft enough.. ended with bad result there.. waste RM 0.60 there.. haha thats why i bought this brush..

Q said...

Agreed with symbiotes. Do what you want to do, and don't force youself to follow others.

I don't know much about top coats or paints in general. I know that Z uses them quite a lot, so you can ask him instead (he's in your blogroll anyway):


seven6398 said...

Q: thx..

i always view Z's blog for some information and i also know he got paint his MG unicorn clear red for the clear red part.. it really look nice.. but too bad i heard that Japan have stop export can spray including top coat!!! is that true?


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