Thursday, July 9, 2009

MG Unicorn WIP 2

Alright.. now is chest and cockpit unit.. i got no problem at the inner frame at first.. as i put the armor on and try to transform.. it totally different story.. i'm just not dare to transform it from now until i complete the whole model..

panel line was quite impossible for me here.. my panel line gundam marker's head had splash.. luckily the chest doesn't need much panel line..

these are the pictures of all the nub marks that i clear.. and guess what.. when i cut these nub marks out.. some of it just went into my mouth accidentally (bounce in, i guess i use the right word).. er..

will be continue..


symbiotes021 said...

Good luck with this kit ya.

Hope that u dont have the troubles that I had to face building this complicated kit.

seven6398 said...

symbiotes: thx.. what trouble you face on this kit??? can you tell me so i can prevent it..

i'm having so much trouble on the part i complete when i try to transform it.. it looks like a bit fragile.. really have to be careful on building it or it will just easily break..

symbiotes021 said...

Nothing much... The assembly is all done but I had troubles on the knee parts when transforming it to MSMode. Its loose and won't stick to the designated srface, on both knees.

I read a few people in forums said they had similar problem.

seven6398 said...

symbiotes: again.. thx.. im going to build that part soon.. hopefully it won't trouble me much..


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