Friday, July 31, 2009

MG Zeta plus A1 WIP 2

DAMN!!! i think i have few days not update my blog due to work again.. Pikom PC fair start today and i'm so tired.. i was working at Low Yat Plaza (an IT mall which also quite famous for gunpla trading stuff over there) before the day Pikom PC fair start.. have to wake up early and work until like about ten something.. stress, fun and tired.. i need to be there for 3 days at hall 4 for selling.. Canon again..

so.. not much time to complete this kit and prepare for painting eventhough the paint is ready to spray.. lets check about the hand of this kit..

alright.. old MG like this will normally start assemble from the arm.. then leg.. then head.. chest.. backpack.. weapons and complete..

so this the hand now.. basically it doesn't come with inner frame inside the arm.. not same as the MG Zeta ver.2 at all.. simple and lesser part.. no individual finger and clip at the palm for weapon.. an old kit.. what can we expecting for.. thats all..

to be continue..


Adam said...

Nice arm, man. I'm working on the Ver. 2.0 right now....race you to the finish?

seven6398 said...

i'm still need to paint the kit.. probably takes another two weeks since my schedule quite tight.. i don't think i will win the race.. XD


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