Monday, July 13, 2009

MG Unicorn WIP 6

time for the legs and feets unit.. this will be the part that take longer time to assembl than the chest.. not complicated but a lot of part need to assemble.. the transformation also not that hard here..

trying to paint some 1/100 figure here.. everyhing just went out of the line.. ya.. this is not the figure from Unicorn.. pilot said "wow, this is a huge and sexy feet".. <<< nothing to do here..

the part that i circle is the part that i want to complain.. supposingly the clear color red part should automatically slide front completely once the back thruster part of the legs open up but it just not slide enough.. i'm not sure it is the original design or there is some flaw while i assemble it.. then the knees part just not flexible enough when transforming cause it need to be taken out and change form only attach back.. i'll say that if the part that not need to be taken out to transform by just follow the sliding red color clear part will be a lot easier..

complete leg..

next will on backpack and weapons..

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