Thursday, July 9, 2009

MG Unicorn WIP 1

So.. this time gotta make the post of the kit i make more detail.. oops.. i forgot to take the picture of the box and scan entire manual.. never mind.. all of that can be found in .. but this is what i want to show here.. the runners.. total of 20 runners and the first two runners really caught my attention.. can be said the part that make Unicorn look that its really Unicorn Gundam.. <<<<(fai wa in chinese = talk crap)

At least this time the decal is not as crazy as Sinanju.. but still not sure why those decal in boxes..

Thruster!!! i found you.. one of the major part of this this project for me as i'm going to use it to test something..

alright.. thats all for now..

to be continue..

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