Thursday, December 23, 2010

regading to the poll on the next project

alright.. here is the result:

PG OO raiser : 10 vote
MG Zeta plus C1: 6 vote
HGUC Stark Jegan: 5 vote
total: 21 vote

first of all.. thanks for voting.. well.. i actually never expect that the MG Zeta plus C1 have more vote than the HGUC Stark Jegan.. i was expected that most of you will vote on either PG OO raiser or HGUC Stark Jegan.. mm.. unpredictable..

well.. i guess i have to announce the next project i'm going to do here.. i'm sorry to let you guys down actually.. for the current moment.. final and assignment coming soon.. so.. if i proceed to the PG OO raiser.. it will take a lot time due to delay from study so the next project that i will do is on MG Zeta plus C1.. but in order to compensate the disappointment.. the project after MG Zeta Plus C1 will definitely PG OO raiser which after my final and assignment due date.. two weeks from now.. for those who vote.. Sumimasenga..

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