Friday, December 3, 2010

December lootz..

don't think it just some paint.. it can cost a lot even it is not the spray can type.. well.. of course one spray can cost 3 to 4 of this but these ain't cheap.. normally i will purchase more than 3 so i can get the case for free.. hehe.. i can organize my paint nicely now..

and the paint i bought are:


these are the normal default color for most of the gundam.. why?.. don't ask me..

and then.. the other three were:

-super white
-silver chrome
-German black

i gotta tell you about the German black.. it is different than the normal black and the end result is.. awesome nice.. solid very very dark grey-ish black.. haha..

first time i bought this silver chrome.. those i use before is different.. not sure how will it look like..

and the super white.. i use the normal white before and i'm totally not satisfy with the result.. maybe i have too much thinner.. but to secure the end result is nice this time.. i bought this.. super white.. and the end result.......
same.. cause i have too much thinner.. so.. the best way to use white paint.. use less thinner or it will just create a clear surface of white that can see show the surfacer beneath..
here is the end result of the paint i bought.. i spray the white two times.. the second time is actually under the re-paint progress since i have too much thinner on the first progress..

so.. the legs for MG ZZ are done.. moving to the chest and waist now..

stay tune..

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