Saturday, December 25, 2010

My Info zone.. XD

well.. the title sound confuse right.. this post is actually about the manual instructions of my gunpla collected few years ago.. and also my collection of Dengeki Magazines and Hobby Magazines..

clearing lot of gunpla boxes recently.. so.. most of the manual instruction have to get out of the box store in new place.. scroll down for the pictures show where and how i store it..

so.. first.. start with MG manual instruction.. i think i got over 30 MG kit manual instruction here.. i lost my MG Exia manual.. damn.. the thickness of all these about 10cm?.. i never expect this thick.. the thicker it is.. more space needed for me to store them.. 

MG manual instruction..
1/100 manual instruction..
and this is where i store all of them.. my own info box.. haha.. all the manual instruction, Dengeki Magazines and Hobby Magazines.. those magazines are chinese version.. RM 10 something each which it normally sell from RM 20++ to RM50++ in hobby shop.. the drawback is.. i can't always get the latest edition which normally i will get those edition few months late and sometimes some edition not even available.. 

i can't afford the Japanese version and i feel it got no different for me as i can get those limited item that come together with Japanese version (by buying them) if i want to.. and the most important thing is i can't read Chinese and Japanese.. XD.. i am chinese..

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Anonymous said...

Nice, so you from Sungai Long? I'm from Mahkota Cheras! LOL! Never thought there's another guy stays around here who collects gunpla too!

I'm Wen. LoL!


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