Saturday, December 25, 2010

MG ZZ complete!!!

what am i waiting for?. shoot it up..
damn.. i took almost two months to fix this kit and finally it is done.. well.. like usual.. always think of adding stuff and end up with lot of failure.. have to learn from mistake right.. so.. far.. my satisfaction on this work.. i give myself 60 over 100.. it's not about the paint but the pla plate i add in and the sanding process make it look.. not that good..
first.. about this kit.. from the picture i guess you know well about the articulation of this kit.. not only that.. most of the part attach to the legs is actually quite loose and fragile.. luckily i didn't break any part.. the biggest problem of this kit?.. it got a lot of big heavy weapon that can't be hold by it's arms no matter how hard i try.. those clip that provided.. USELESS!!! unless you fix it.. make the clip more thicker by adding glu or what ever.. so.. i can't even pose it with weapon except the normal pose.. the waist can't be turn due to the old transformation structure.. not like the MG Impulse of course.. this is expected.. and one last thing that i feel bad about this kit.. most of the area doesn't support with inner frame such as the tights, upper arm and the rest of the inner part are thrusters for the mobile armor mode.. this kit can be said as frameless..

on the positive side of this kit.. even though it is a transformation unit upgraded from Zeta.. this kit is not as fragile as the Zeta.. except the weapon.. the overall weight is quite balance.. for an old MG.. it is pretty good that most of the parts are molded in different piece.. and lastly.. if you plan to modify this kit.. it got lot of large surface for you to add in pla plate, panel line and M.S.G part..

the paint list that i use.. i'm not going to split it out.. too much combination till i can't remember all.. sorry for that..

look at the chest.. the final mistake at the final stage of completion.. stupid dry decal stick the paint out.. GOD DAMN IT!!! now i know why it is better to use water slide decal..

don't ask why i didn't post it in MA mode.. i'm worry more mistake i will make if i keep on playing with it

thanks for viewing and hope you enjoy it..


Busterbeam said...

i like this! nice job!

seven6398 said...

busterbeam: thx..

chrismandesign said...

man, this kit is awesome even without the extras... i didn’t know that the dry decals can ruin the paint... & the transform issue... great effort anyway Seven, u r improving ur skills =)

Ren n Tako! said...

its a shame that the kit couldn't pose well with its cannon.. but its really looks great with all pla-plating and details you've put in.. good joB!

ren ^^

Tom said...

Not a lot of action poses huh. =/
But the detail and paint job is very nice.

GPH said...

Chris: yeah.. this is the second time i'm having problem with the dry decal.. the first time was on the MG Zeta plus A1.. anyway.. thx..

Ren n Tako: thx.. i guess more effort have to do to get better pose..

Tom: just can't do the action pose.. thx.


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