Wednesday, December 1, 2010


well.. i know the title is confusing and misleading but that was my objective to make you guys to read this.. haha..

so.. i guess you all well aware of this kit is coming soon right.. and the price was.. 13800 yen.. look at it.. the proportion and the details are damn nice.. even accurate then the PG version and the normal 1/100 version.. eventhough it come in seven sword form instead of OO raiser form but it still look good.. and i guess the likeness of gunpla fans will most probably equal for this form or the OO raiser form.. with the amount of the buyer pay for this kit.. well.. i can say.. it worth it.. and lastly.. the existent of this kit in this form, scale or type (metal build) are more toward to the creator desire or dream.. that is my opinion..

so.. how does it related to the non-existent MG OO Raiser and in what issue?.. put aside of the release on MG OO Quanta.. just ask yourself.. if you have purchase this kit, will you buy MG OO raiser in the future?.. even this kit will have have additional O raiser kit bundle with it or purchase separately in the future?.. remember the price that you going to pay for this kit.. and this kit is not any figure.. i'm not sure metal build means it is a plamo series or the G.F.F.N metal composite category.. as what i know is this metal build should need to be assemble to get it done(correct me if i'm wrong).. so.. back to the question.. will you purchase a MG OO raiser if it release after you purchase this kit? if you can afford this or both?.. if yes.. congratulation to Bandai.. well i'm not blaming or complaining.. the point is..

as i mention about the existent of this kit could be someone desire or dream.. but the best part is.. if Bandai plan to release the MG OO raiser.. close to the releasing date of this kit.. what will happen?.. put aside on the detail of the MG form as MG format might look as good as this.. which kit will you buy?.. the price of the MG form OO raiser might cheaper than this.. this had clearly show that the existent of this kit is definitely obstruct the release of MG OO raiser and therefore.. MG OO Quanta release in MG format instead of MG OO raiser which follow the hit of the OO gundam movie The Awakening of Trailblazer.. that is my opinion again..

so.. lastly.. end with this question..

will you buy this kit at this price?

i'm not trying to create any argument here or condemn this kit .. it just my opinion and try to open up a discussion.. correct me if i'm say anything wrong.. and i still feel this is a good kit but i don't think i can afford it..

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Q said...

I think there is something needed to be clarified here. The Metal Build is a completed and painted product, much like the GFF series (hence the big price tag). Perhaps the closest thing the Metal Build 1/100 matches will be the GFFMCs. On the other hand, I think the reason why this does not belong to the GFF series is that (don't quote me on this) it is not designed or redesigned by Hajime Katoki.

There's no official announcement for MG 00 Raiser yet, but there were news of Bandai planning on it in Shizuoka Hobby Fair I think, and it got voted 3rd on most wished MG to be materialised. And given that some parts and runners for MG 00Q share similar feature with 00 Raiser, I think it's only a matter of time before Bandai decides to announce MG 00 Raiser.

However they are still very different stuff - both Metal Build 00 Gundam 7 Sword and the potential MG 00 Raiser are from different departments of Bandai. The market is probably targeted for slightly different people as well, with the completed Metal Build possibly targeted for working people who have no more time to do gunpla. I remember this is what Ngee Khiong has mentioned in another post before, so I am literally just taking his words here.

seven6398 said...

q: thx for the clarification.. now i know it.. haha.. i was thinking it was a plamo series.. you got the point and i forgot this point completely regarding on this product targeting on working people who don't have time to build gundam.. but i still feel that releasing this kit is a great marketing strategy from Bandai.. haha..

Blacksun88 said...

after i had bought and build my 1/144 seven sword/G 00 gundam!! what the fuck >< cant decide for now


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