Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What should i build next?

first.. this kit is reaching 95% completion.. just few more thing to do.. so.. i plan to make this post.. 

ok.. it is my first time to create a poll in my blog.. normally i will not have much backlog which i will normally buy one kit per month and finish it within a month.. but now after i plan to paint most of my kit.. i take about 2 to 3 month to complete a kit.. and the backlog is starting to build up till i forgot which kit  bought first and which kit should i start.. i wish to build all as soon as possible but i can't decide which one should go first.. maybe you can help me out for this.. thx..


chrismandesign said...

well Seven, i suggest u the MG Zeta Plus MG Gundam... it would b nice to see a kit i would like to own someday =)

Ren n Tako! said...

wow.. very nice build! love the lines you've added. the original kit really lacks alot of panel lines. looks freaking badasss...

ren. ^^

Tom said...

Build something simple, like Hyaku Shiki.

Setsunator said...

hi, lets exchange blog link^^

Anonymous said...

helo i just wan to ask
did you ever buy a gunpla at g-wing websites
if ever how the purchase and payment is made..

seven6398 said...

Chris:actually im building it now but i will let the poll decide will it be my next painting project.
Ren n tako: thx..
Tom: i wish to build that kit too but the problem is i don't have that kit yet.. XD.. It still in wish list..
Setsuna: ok.. No problem..
Anonymous: you have to register a account first.. The following step i need to reconfirm because i usually not buy online due to some other third party reason.. I let you know on the next reply
For the current moment im having problem with my laptop so i might not able to reply you guys completely but in sim way.. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tom said...

Oh yea, I forgot. Could have sworn you bought it... -_-'

And mind if we exchange links?

seven6398 said...

tom: sure.. sorry that day using phone to reply.. so not able to add your link .. will do it now..

seven6398 said...

anonymous: regarding on purchasing product from g wing.. first you have to register a account.. click on the item you want to purchase then.. on the bottom right got a button called check out button.. and then follow the 3 step which related to shipping method, payment information and order confirmation.. then you will get your stuff :)


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