Monday, December 6, 2010

outing? collection box..

i don't know what title should i use for this post.. anyway.. that isn't important..

just some update about my life i guess..
so.. if you like to drive in K.L .. adapt this.. this?.. the traffic jam..
went to low yat again.. well.. i'm actually think of going to Times Square.. play few round of Initial D AS 5, window shop a while and do my assignment there.. end up.. meet my friend and follow them to Low Yat.. all my plan delay a bit then.. and accompany them to get my friend a new Iphone case.. gosh.. i never thought there are so many shop that selling only cases, casing. cover or what ever it call for handphone and of course.. IPhone.. and as i expected.. with so many choices.. they're going to take lot of time to look for the right one..
while they choosing the cases ( that is what i called it).. they just keep on pursuing me to get one.. IPhone i mean.. well.. i said.. you pay for me and i will definitely use it.. Haha.. its not that i don't want but i just can't afford it and there are many thing i feel more important to me such as gunpla of course.. gunpla versus Iphone and using my money to purchase it.. i choose gunpla first.. XD.. one of the culprit that keep on influence me is the one in the picture.. and i'm the one who influence him into gunpla.. haha.. i'm so bad..
like usual.. some of the cases normally come with screen protector for the IPhone.. damn.. i never stick such big screen protector before at all.. the biggest screen protector i stick was the 3.6 inch size and of course the one in the picture is not me..
and.. as from the title.. the collection box.. my friend bought it for me.. so.. don't ask me about the price.. cause i forget to ask him.. Haha.. the box is quite small.. i guess it suitable for nendodroid figure right.. well.. for me.. SD gunpla should be good enough to fit in..
another driller..
same size as my old one but this one come with handle bar.. easy for handling and drill on the same position..
back to the collection box.. it can actually attach to another one and don't worry that the top one will easily fall off.. i don't know how to describe it.. but the bottom is design to attach on the top of the other collection box..
this is it.. it come with two version actually.. my friend's one come in two level.. means like the staircase type..
and.. :( i thought it can fit at least two sd but it can fit only one.. if i try to fit two small sd in it.. i think it will look weird..

ok.. that's it..

sorry about the delay of MG ZZ progress..


chrismandesign said...

hehehe... nice to know a bit of ur normal life Seven, actually quite refreshing =)... i like so much that case & this kind of things r not available here, but the local market is improving its variety, i mean, in toys matters... i can see u hate cameras, just like i do XD

seven6398 said...

chris: sorry about the late reply.. good to hear about the local market for toys in your country.. erm.. about camera.. i'm not hate it but just have different angle of view..

David John Shewsbury said...

Well, traffic jam is part of life in KL and other big city like Bangkok and Jakarta.... plus the road system in KL is like rojak, make it even worse LOL.... even Hitler complain...

LEon said...

I have a few of those boxes and most BB gundam can't fit into it. However gashapon some can.

seven6398 said...

David: yeah.. even some of the people say we have the best road or highways up to six lanes but it able to have traffic jam..

Leon: you're right.. i try my sd ryubi and the v-fin is just too high and make the cover cant close properly..


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