Thursday, December 23, 2010

its good to be back

haha.. the title stolen from the dialogue in Ironman 2.. few days without a computer really can kill me.. almost think of suicide (just kidding).. well.. this baby suffer from serious damage due to virus from so called cyber world.. efficiency was drop tremendously.. and god damn slow.. so.. ask for help and send it to someone else.. let someone who know the job better than me to fix it.. then.. another problem pops up.. the fan inside the laptops not working in the in the middle of formatting process.. temperature increase and the whole thing shut down automatically.. C drive corrupted.. reason?. not sure.. maybe too much dust stick to the fan..

solution?. send it to HP to fix and what they told me is..

-send in : RM 72
-fix the fan : roughly about RM150
-labor cost (WTF): about RM 140
-total: about RM 350
-and need to wait about a week to be done.. might longer than that..

not include installing the windows yet and my friend ask them to format his laptop over there before and cost RM 80.. so.. my alternative solution.. ask some other people outside from HP to fix it for me..

-send in: free
-fan? no need.. just get the cooler pad and some low temperature environment
-installing window with the software i want : RM 45
-take only 2 to 3 hours..

damn.. of course i will go for the alternate solution.. and everything done now.. i can online and be here as usual now..

next post?.. the poll..

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