Saturday, December 25, 2010

December lootz

alright.. not much.. it was something i bought from the mid of December until Christmas..

running out of thinners and money too.. so.. have to get the 110ml bottle instead of 400ml.. and i still can't get the enamel black.. so i bought this navy blue.. i consider it as dark blue that may have similar color to black.. but the problem is.. i can't get the mixer for it.. the enamel thinner or the "fluid" some kind of petrol or kerosene..

so.. still can't use it.. and i actually want to use it for MG ZZ.. for those thin panel line.. too bad.. but i found some alternative solution..

TA DA!!! the 0.2mm pigment pen.. well.. it stated that it water and fade proof.. and it is made in Japan.. by Mitsubishi Pencil Co.LTD?.. i never know Mitsubishi make pen too.. i thought only Mitsubishi make electronic stuff, car and some heavy industry product (like the fighter plan if i'm not wrong).. it work pretty well.. one thing i like this pen is it easy to clean than the normal gundam marker although it not work quite well on painted area which it need few layer to make it look nice..
guess what.. i only pay RM4 to get all these metal stuff in the picture above.. i don't know what should i call it but it is good to fix decals.. name it for me.. as for those "clips".. the best substitute for crocodile clip.. i saw ngeekhiong use it a lot..
and the last thing.. this is not related to gunpla actually.. just found it interesting.. KitKat with new packaging.. and it look like..
cigarette packing.. awesome.. always my best chocolate..

"have a break, have a kitkat"..


ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

thinner for enamel is zippo oil. can be find at supermarket :D

seven6398 said...

ZD: thx.. i've been looking for that.. i don't know what it call so i'm just as those stuff that use to refill lighter.. XD.. thx thx thx..

Ren n Tako! said...

yups.. its zippo lighter fluid. =D how do you mix the leveling thinner with paints? like 50% thinner 50% paint? i've been wanting to try it out when i'm painted larger surfaces with hand brush.. so i'll get a even surface.. any advices would help alot!

anyway, Have a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS seven6398!! enjoy your weekends! =)

seven6398 said...

ren & tako: it actually depend on what paint you are using.. some paint need more thinner but some not.. but most of the time i use less thinner but more paint.. the safe ratio will be 60% paint 40% thinner.. or 50/50 for dark and primary color such as black,blue, white, etc.. is using gold or silver chrome then you need lesser paint and more thinner 60/40.. especially for large surface.. but i seldom use hand paint.. especially large surface.. as from my experience.. i think it is better to use more thinner than paint when it come to hand paint for large surface.. 60/40 or 70/30.. and give few layer of paint..

Merry Christmas..

NAZREE said...

handpaint is such a paint..based on my experience, i need to do 3 layer of paint while doing hand painting in order to have smooth paint surfaces. Handpaint = learn into detail and patiency.

seven6398: meery christmas.

seven6398 said...

Nazree: nice to meet you.. you are right.. Merry Christmas..


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