Saturday, December 11, 2010

MG ZZ gundam WIP 5

alright.. my teaser on this kit.. haha..

it's about 80% done.. the only things left now are backpack and weapon.. erm.. and also the shoulders' wings that need to be repair..

after that.. it will be the time for panel line and decal.. i just can't wait to complete it and start another project.. mm.. what should i start for my next project?. should make a poll for it.. haha..

stay tune for more.. 


Busterbeam said...

looking very nice! he looks strong!

seven6398 said...

busterbeam: thx.. i saw you got your PG SF.. awesome..

Anonymous said...

The extra panel lines gives it more of a mechanical feel, which looks very nice. It's not so plain anymore!

gunpla said...

Wow, looks macho

seven6398 said...

Tom: sorry for the late reply.. internet was down last few days.. anyway.. thx.. this kit have lots of plain surface.. so it is a good practice on adding panel more panel line

Gunpla: thx.. haha..


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