Monday, December 20, 2010

temporary off

my laptop is in coma.. so.. have to use my friend's laptop to reply here.. hope i can revive my laptop as soon as possible.. for the current moment i won't be around..


Q said...

I have very bad luck with electronics; 3 laptops I owned have died since I first owned one, and I don't want my 4th one to die yet... At least it's good to see that it has survived 3 years though some stuff are not working already ._.

Hope yours will survive alright!

seven6398 said...

Q: finally i'm back and able to reply you.. the resurrection success and i'm back in business again.. haha.. hey.. my laptop have the similar age with your current laptop now.. haha.. it is my first laptop and i use to have desktop last time but the first one die.. the second one collecting dust.. haha


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