Friday, July 16, 2010

The Fate of old stuff

alright.. well this topic is a bit out of gunpla but it related too.. i'm sure most of you have some gadgets to upload photos about your hobby or anything regarding to your life to internet.. well.. there are always two thing we need.. a computer (PC or Laptop) and a camera (story without picture sometime is quite bore).. so we always happy when getting this new gadgets.. entire new PC or just minor upgrade.. new lenses.. and bla bla bla.. so.. what about the previous one.. the outdated that can't perform in our expectation or requirement.. recycle? i don't think most of us do.. i am not the one who do it because i don't know how to.. maybe it different in your country.. no offend for this.. selling the old stuff.. look at the second hand value.. it seems not worth it and better to keep it for someone who need it.. well.. the one who need it rather get the new one.. zzz.. what to do next.. keep it somewhere in the room until it become antique or your mom ask you to throw it when she ask you to clean your room.. yet you will feel it such a waste because the time you bought it was cost a bomb in your wallet.. what should we do?

remember this camera?.. it was a Canon EOS 450D.. i remember when it was first release was cost about 3K plus with package.. that day i was selling it.. the new unit for RM 1899.. OMG.. outside market selling price is RM 2199.. only for two unit because it was for clearance.. wow..

remember this cool high zoom CMOS Full HD camera from Canon.. the mighty Canon Powershot SX 1is.. the market selling price was RM 2k plus.. and do you know how much i sell this in some of the warehouse sales.. RM 999.. 4 new units.. unbelievable right?..

ok. well.. this topic for me is actually main focus on SLR which we use to get it take the pictures of our collection with strong depth of field.. alright.. back to the story of Canon EOS 450D.. my friend bought it few years ago.. two years if i'm not wrong and he was asking me how much can he sell his 450D because he planning to change to Canon EOS 7D.. my mind was stun and blank for a while.. first.. wow.. this guy is reach.. planning to get a Canon EOS 7D.. second is.. what price should i recommend to him for selling his 450D since the new selling price for this model that have discontinued but still available in the market is only around 2K.. my mind was thinking how much he can sell this old body.. he asking me that can he sell it for about RM 800 or Rm1k plus.. i can't remember.. again.. question marks on my head.. i tell him the fact of this new camera's price have drop and he was like.. a bit shock after knowing the new retail price for his camera model.. so.. i' just recommend him one thing.. keep it and let it be your second body so he don't need to swap the lenses when he was in event.. i know it hard for them to carry too many camera or lenses since photography is not part of their job but just hobby and fun.. well.. here is the question.. what will you do with your old DSLR when you plan to upgrade it the body?

a) keep it as second body
b) sell it on the highest second hand value if possible
c) give it to someone else
d) you tell me.

last topic on today post.. lots of words.. quite boring isn't it.. choosing a DSLR is something crucial.. lots of information have to get from article, forum, the product's website itself and lastly.. friends and family.. which ever ways is it.. trust yourself and don't let others influence you.. collect some neutral advise rather than bias.. how do we know that?.. collect it from different sources and you will find out.. not hard but not easy also.. so.. what type of DSLR as for beginner.. here is the funny story.. Canon EOS 1000D, Canon EOS 500D or the latest Canon 550D.. my customer ask me what is different from these three model.. obviously i'm telling him the thing that he can find from the internet.. why wasting time to visit my counter and asking such silly question.. second.. he or she told me that he or she is a beginner and don't want to spend too much yet.. obviously these three model is for beginner.. just find what you need from the spec.. i'm rather they come to ask me about functions that the camera have from the spec which they don't understand.. spend your time wisely customer.. rely us on too much will just wasting your own time.. i mean those customers.. no offend.. one cute thing is they may ask about the lenses or the next level of model.. lenses? long story to go.. skip on that.. but the body.. some of the beginner rather buy the semi-pro series DSLR like the Canon EOS 50D, 7D Nikon D90, D300s instead of spending money to learn from beginner level.. they are right at this point.. but some other will just want to spend on the beginner level DSLR so they can feel the different model from the higher level camera.. they got the point too.. but what about the old body?.. this will the main question from the title..

i guess that's all here.. all i mentioned are just my opinions.. no offend and hidden meaning of insulting..

thank you for reading..


Anonymous said...

Uuu, uuu... Wished could get a DSLR... But then again, mine is still ok-ish (lack of depth perception and smallish CMOS and lack of optical stabilization is not withstanding).

Those new users should really go for a compact first then work their way to a DSLR (after they get the hang of things).

Compacts camera = Proton Savvy/Perodua Viva
DSLR = Ferrari/Lamborghini

chubbybots said...

I am with BD on this. First master a compact and then move on to a DLSR. For me its all about the user rather than the equipment though.

Then again, I do keep my old compact which i bring around with me for daily usage ^^.

Vibretto said...

First up, i'd recommend keeping the old DSLR as a second body. For 1, you will never get the money back what you spent on it and that is going to hurt a bit no matter how much you have used it!

second, having used a superzoom before my dslr (canon 1000d) i was quite spoilt since i found my changing of DLSR lenses tedious. My recommendations would be to keep the old cam and stick your second lens onto it. for example, use the 18-55 on ur regular cam and the 55-250 on the other. you can shoot faster without changing lenses, especially if you are at a busy place or outdoors. (btw, my superzoom (sony dsc H2) is my second camera)

though there are times when i wish i had a compact, its so much more convenient than a dslr!

Its hard to reason with people who have money and want to spend. i mean, why buy a proton when i can afford a ferrari? (no offence, but these people are more interested in what they are driving or what's hanging around their neck, than in mastering something IMO) to these people i first talk about the mastering part, and then say, if you have the money, go for it!

and finally... you will be surprised how many people use the internet and still don't know how to search. then there are also camera newbies who can red reviews and specs but are not sure what that translates to into real life shooting. its usually these people who will ask you what's the difference. i mean sometimes camera specifications especially when you are comparing will say: max shutterspeed 1/5000 and 1/2000, so a newbie will not know what is better and why. some might think 1/5000 is better, but seriously, how many times have we shot at 1/5000? same with ISO, compact cameras with tiny sensors going all the way up to 3200 or even 6400 ISO (sensitivity boost and all that marketing jazz)... i wonder what the camera really captures at those high ISOs!

ok... this became longer than i expected! oops sorry -_-

David John said...

As a seller I can understand your concern, sometime it can be annoying with customers asking too many basic questions - and even worse if after asking they don't even buy anything.

Nonetheless... customer is customer, no matter how hard it is, we have to deal with them.

It is also possible that some customer don't have the time to read the spec/review in the internet as well, so sometimes we do have to "entertain" them accordingly.

If it's me, I will rather just recommend those people to buy a simple ALL AUTO compact digicam rather than encourage them to buy DSLR.

I use DSLR and now I also have the superzoom digicam...

Both type - digicam and DSLR have their own positive and negative, DSLR usually will involved more money while the digicam, after 3 or 4 years - you can just throw them away and get a better one...

I love the convenient of superzoom digicam (now I use Fujifilm HS10) but there are times when I really want to go back and use the Canon 1000D with the EF-50mm F/1.8 Mark II Lens.... that cheap lens is certainly exciting, the F/1.8 is certainly magnificent - other than that, I can live with my Fujifilm HS10.

seven6398 said...

Thanks for the comment guys.. and sorry that i may made some complain here as the situation i'm having.. honestly.. no offend but just shout for fun for that complain..

well i'm not making any claim or stand but just want to collect some view from yours that what do you think on your gadgets..

again.. thx for comment..


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