Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Compressor

as i promised.. i will make a review on the new compressor that i purchase recently.. well.. this is it.. the Motool 601A compressor with tank.. you can find it from Mgs2u.com.. in this link..


well.. at first i was planning to get the one which is 601 without tank type.. cost lesser but then.. the seller recommend me to get the 601A with tank which is better for long hour works.. it means i have to pay more.. but the additional tank do help a lot.. i'll explain the different of the compressor with or without tank below.. mm.. so happy that i finally move one step further in Gunpla.. and i'm start using it on Monday actually.. that is how i got the red color parts on MG GN-X done from the previous post.. alright.. lets check out the pics..

i use back the old hose which have the head to plug with the airbrush.. new hose longer but no head.. lazy to transfer the head.. the whole picture of the compressor.. top part will be the motor which compress and produce air and the lower part is the tank.. 
i'm not sure what it called here but the seller told me that when the motor or the compressor get hot.. some vapor which will become water after that will be filter and trap here so that the vapor will not go into airbrush and affect the paint.. and this also the part to set how much the air will release.. 

the back of the compressor.. some description here.. 

this is the compressor or motor which look exactly same as the 601 but this attach to the tank.. alright.. how the tank help?.. first when the compressor create air.. if without the tank.. those air will directly go into airbrush but with tank.. the air will reach and trap in the tank before reach the airbrush.. the reason why need to trap the air in the tank was because it help to rest the compressor.. how it work?.. the compressor come with a auto off system which mean when the compressor getting too hot or the air tank fully fill with air.. the compressor or the motor will automatically shut down even the switch is on.. so.. during the compressor shut down.. the compressor still able to release enough air to use for paint because the are reserved air in the tank.. when the compressor detect there is not enough air in the tank.. the compressor or the motor will re-activate until the tank fully fill with air.. sounds complicated right.. that is what happen when i don't know that it got that kind of high tech system.. i was so stupid when i found that the compressor automatically off and i release all the air out from the tank before my work done.. i thought it had broke.. haha.. so i called the seller only i know what happen..
this is the place where can use to release the air from the tank.. but also can release the air from the hose once the airbursh un-plug..
some specification of the compressor.. tank = 3 liter.. larger tank give compressor more time to rest.. i didn't realize this compressor was 5KG!!!
just before i end this post.. i will show some progress on the MG GN-X..

ok... off to work again..

see you on next post..

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