Sunday, July 25, 2010


no more WIP.. no more WIP part 1, part 2, or part 3.. it's complete.. yeah.. i re-paint the whole thing..

so.. before i introduce this kit i will make a summary of this kit first.. basically i just re-paint as i mentioned above.. no extra panel line or pla-plate added.. color that use:

-Mr.color black
-Mr.color black steel (for inner frame)
-Mr.color gold
-Mr.Surfacer 1000
-Gaia Black
-Gaia red
-foil stickers

that's all for the summary.. basically i got the color scheme from tsuki.. i think he haven't finish his MG GN-X.. due to compressor's problem.. i took almost two month to complete this kit.. zzz.. well.. the exact time of finishing this kit should be left than two weeks.. since this kit done.. time to continue on the MF VF-25F..

erm.. i forget my view about this kit.. well.. this kit can be said share pretty much of the inner structure from MG Exia.. but.. it is not as well balance as MG Exia.. same as the articulation.. the proportion for every part is nice.. plenty of detail from the inner frame and most of the parts are molded separately except the vulcan on the head unit.. the biggest problem that i had from this kit is the feet.. the front part of the feet can be bend and the joint is very loose.. so.. making this kit on standing pose can be quite dangerous as it easy to fall down.. to front.. the design of the shoulders was also limit the possibility.. eventhough the long beam rifle can be quite heavy but the joint of the hand was quite strong to support it.. so.. no problem on handling the weapon.. the movement of the head unit also limited as the long face got block by the chest.. but the neck structure was pretty unique.. i guess that's all about the articulation and proportion..

alright.. i called this a HPS GN-X.. HPS.. High Power Stealth system.. the name was created base on the color scheme.. compare to normal GN-X.. the HPS GN-X was cover by the stealth technology plate armor which can absorb the wave from radar to make it invisible especially in space.. thrusters, nozzle and some interior of the weapon was using gold rather than normal type of steel to support to modified dark GN drive which can release more GN particle to improve the mobility and the fire power of this unit.. the combination of all specification give this GN-X a new system called HPS.. but due to stronger fire power and more GN particle needed to improve on mobility.. the HPS system used more GN particle from the GN drive which reduce the operating power duration of this unit.. that's all for the report..

haha.. sounds like someone from military explaining the spec of new unit.. alright.. time to enjoy the pics..

report end..

Thank you..


Tsukinari said...

Nice job!! you manage to get it done before me... damn I'm too bz these days.. ORZ

your color scheme is really similiar to my GN-X color scheme that I made few months ago.. hahaha

seven6398 said...

Tsuki: thx.. actually i have no idea what color scheme should i do so i follow some idea from yours haha.

Busterbeam said...

hey that looks pretty good!

chubbybots said...

Reminds me of masurao ^^ Another awesome paint job!

seven6398 said...

busterbeam: thx..

chubbybots: thx.. haha.. i should have add more gold color..

M.D.G said...

nice paint work there..ive been following ur blog from last month already..and your post are totally awesome, pack with information for newbie like me in this


chrismandesign said...

this guy looks so great in this black-n-red-n-gold suit but yep, u could use more gold (&/or silver ???) next time to make him a bit more different... oh, & that is a bunch of interesting pick =D

seven6398 said...

MDG: nice to meet you there.. thx.. orewa ganbatehimas..

Chris: yeah.. i saw one of the masurao using the similar color scheme that i mentioned before.. can't find back the picture but that really look nice.. anyway.. thx..

GunStray said...

Didnt care for the fluff mecha details, but wow is this one sexy paint job, though i think you need one of those decals settler to make it look more "painted" on it.

seven6398 said...

gunstray: thx.. actually i have the mr. mark settler but i don't dare to use it.. i never use it before and i scare it will dissolve the paint.. will it?

heathorn said...

I love the color scheme! this kit looks very nice, just one thing you forgot, the mold lines XD

for mark setter and mark softer, dont worry they wont damage the paint. Usually you will also apply a gloss coat before decal so it should be safe ^^


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