Monday, July 5, 2010

HG Exia R2 & O gundam clear color version WIP 1

ok.. i remember one of my friend that use to collect model kit.. he doesn't like clear color version gundam.. his favorite scale was 1/60 gundam with well articulated palm.. well for me.. i'm ok with it.. but not full clear color.. and it will be good if it is in MG.. like the Bandai 30th celebration offered those MG with some clear color part to expose the detail of the frame.. i remember i'm still have mine from the MG Mk2 in the box that still stick with the runner.. haha..

so.. what i'm going to do with both of this kit.. well.. i guess i will just paint it.. the whole kit except those parts are not in clear color.. so lets take a look on the box..

those who have them separately.. you have to stick the box to get this boxart.. haha..

same with the manual too..

ten runners for both kit..
and two foil stickers.. parts and stickers are more on Exia R2 as compare to O gundam.. guess the bad guy always have the disadvantages.. haha..

i will start with Exia R2 as i'm quite curious about this kit.. all i know was the different of the giant GN sword.. well.. i like the compact version of the GN sword ( is that the GN sword IV) from the latest OO Qan[T]..

some of the parts that are not in clear color.. well.. it come in a metallic dark grey.. like those from MG Blue Frame Second revise.. same for both kits..
come with two types of GN drive?.. well.. the gimmick of expanding the GN drive.. it not like in the anime.. you need to swap the part here..

one good thing is those orbs (again.. i forgot what it called) are painted.. so.. no need to worry about painting the clear color parts with clear color..

the head looks like terminator isn't it.. i mean the eyes..

my favorite..

i'm not planning to have these orb in the pre-assembling progress as they are small.. easy to lost especially when i'm painting it..

lot of parts for the legs also.. as an HG..
and the complete legs will look like there is inner frame inside it..
ball joint for the pelvis???..zzz

another good thing about this HG Exia R2 is there are lot of extra parts from the original Exia which is usable like the shield..

some comparison on height to some seed HG..
that's the nub marks that i clean it off from the kit.. can you guess how many of it.. count from the pics.. XD

and here we go on the HG O gundam..

well.. the O gundam are pretty simple.. but it use more polycaps than the Exia R2 eventhough it is an simple kit.. one bad thing about O gundam is the palm.. it hold the weapon or the shield well.. too loose for that.. or maybe the handle for the weapons are too thin..

got both of them done and waiting for shower.. i mean them.. ( paint)

to be continue..


Vibretto said...

Those clear gundams look nice but not to my liking, i prefer my gundams with opaque parts :) my red frame's clear parts are still lying in the runner...

when i saw the torso, i thought it was mg. looking forward to see what you do with the paints :D

GunStray said...

It almost looks like they turned to Gn particles themselves, of Moonlight butterfly effect^^

chrismandesign said...

hey, great custom kits man... i’m the opposite of many gunpla fans, cuz i do like the gundam customs (with clear parts) & i hav 2 HG kits waiting in their boxes... obviously, i hav no plans to personalize them (nothing beyond panel lines)... but u plan to paint’em ???

seven6398 said...

Vibretto: haha.. Exia is like that.. no matter in 1/144 or 1/100.. it got lot of inner frame in it.. that's a good thing..

Gunstray: trans-arm.. haha

Chris: yeah.. may left some of the parts remain in clear color.. but i will like them in solid color..


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