Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Get your weapon for your DSLR

have you heard about a shop called "Aperture and Shutter".. well this is it.. the hidden shop behind the Canon Brand store in Low Yat UG floor.. but now.. you also can find one in Times Square first floor.. but still the Low Yat branch more perfect for DSLR.. well.. if you have an DSLR and looking for tools.. lessons.. or some tutorial.. this will be the great place to hang out.. some third party that offer high quality filters, speedlight, or some rare tools i called it.. you can find it here rather than go Jalan Pasar.. well.. this shop is in Malaysia.. KL to be exact..

damn.. i love that huge table.. it can use for assembling gunpla.. XD..
tools are not only tripod or back.. but cloth that use to protect yourself or the camera during rain.. haha
looking for lifetime warranty and high quality customizable tripod.. you can take a look on the Manfrotto..
as for bag.. the Lowepro.. of course there are many other branded bag and tripod.. but in Malaysia.. most famous brand will be these two..
it is not an normal umbrella.. it's not for rain..
but for lighting not lightning.. haha.. use as speedlight reflector i guess... normally you can found this in studio..
whole bunch of lens and body.. from the lowest to the highest.. you can even find some Minox camera here.. well.. of course not those very expensive camera from Europe and mostly are from Japan's brand.. about the price.. well. you have to ask for discount then.. haha.. the retail price are ridiculous right..

that's all..


David John Shewsbury said...

Photography and DSLR... another expensive hobby... but we just love it don't we... hehehehe

seven6398 said...

Shewbury: my favorite part on Photography.. it link to gunpla.. hehehe..


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