Monday, July 19, 2010

HG Throne Eins WIP 1

ok.. i'm back again.. last week was sick.. this week too.. stomachache this time.. should get this post done on yesterday.. but too tired.. so.. here it is.. the HG gundam throne eins.. alright.. well i don't think i need to make a detail introduction of this gundam right.. i guess most of you know about this gundam..

so.. my view on this gundam.. mm.. i like big gun or big sword.. especially in this Trinity's throne gundam.. Eins for long distance combat.. while Zwei for short distance combat.. and the Drei as the intelligence side that provide support in GN particle for increase the fire range of Eins and create communication interference.. what a perfect combination like the CB's team.. the only flaw that they have was the fake GN drive which have limitation on the performance and the pilots themselves which too arrogant and underestimate the ability of GN-X which led themselves to hell.. enough for the intro..

discuss specifically about Eins.. it is not a high mobility MS as it is an long range battle unit and carry a large beam cannon on the back.. but of course the fire power of this MS is strong and fast.. and the ability of getting support for additional GN particle from Drei even improve the fire power of this MS.. two beam saber equipped on the shoulders.. the first time i saw beam saber mounted in this way.. carrying a beam rifle for short distance gun to gun combat and beam rifle can be combine to the GN beam cannon.. the design of this gundam may look weird but i have better impression on it than i first look at OO gundam series.. 

 kind of weird that the pilot having shorts all the time.. haha.. but the pilot suit is nice which having like the orb around the suit.. 
 assemble progress begin.. the GN drive was mold together with the back inner frame.. not so nice.. is the GN drive in white color in the anime.. i cant remember.. well most of the part are molded separately but those tiny area still require stickers and paint especially the head unit and the shield.. this MS is not exactly in black color but a redish black which looks a bit like dark purple under reflection from light.. more painting job require on the GN beam cannon as look from the box art.. mm.. i think i will just do some minor detailing on this kit and paint some grey color parts (joint).. 

the GN drive here is just look real enough like what we saw from the anime with the foil stickers applied..

well.. Eins have the best head design among all the Throne gundam in my opinion..

the articulation of the arms are not that flexible.. it can only bend about 70 degree but no more than 100 degree..

high heels.. ok.. this gundam is not easy to stand normally as the heels and the front of the feet is too sharp i guess..

the beam rifle is look like a crossbow to me..

Ta da.. pre-assembling progress complete.. notice that i didn't get the magazines unit assemble in because the rubber look too fragile.. i'm afraid i may break it before the final assembling progress.. 

ok.. that all for now..

to be continue

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