Sunday, July 4, 2010

HG Mobile CGUE Xist custom WIP 1

kind of boring.. have been non-stop assembling kit this few days while watching the Ghost Writer ( some Hong Kong Drama).. i received the news that the compressor i ordered arrived yesterday but again.. i only can collect it next week.. build build build.. still got two more of this kit and stark jegan to build.. now assembling the HG exia r2.. zzz.. today is my last day of holiday..  thought going to use this holiday to paint some kit.. i guess.. thing mess up after the dead of the tiny compressor..

alright.. enough for the update and time to review this HG mobile CGUE from seed astray series.. well.. what i like this kit is the weapon system.. one normal machine gun on right hand.. shield with gatling gun on left hand and some kind of ZAFT sword.. all were conventional weapon rather than beam rifle, beam saber or beam cannon.. personally..i only saw it well use by Raw La Clauset in the Seed anime first few episodes.. after that.. just another shooting target grunt unit for some main character such as Kira.. it consider as an air figther MS as compare to DINN.. and commander's MS.. well.. it can stand for some attack from Destroy Gundam's arms but destroy at last.. gotta study the color scheme and make one unit in Rau La Clauset custom CGUE..

some information about the pilot and the MS.. as it stated.. the mobile suit that use to replace Jinn.. ooic.. combination of Jinn and Dinn?..

only four runners and foil stickers..

small and compact chest compare to Jinn..

some flap wing beside the shoulders.. guess that help for the air mobility..

backpack or flightpack..

head design.. definitely looks like a Jinn since it is a replacement of it..

Justice's feet and leg design was follow it as you can see there are so many similarities and some information review it..
that are the complete leg unit.. with red color on it.. didn't it look exactly like Justice's leg..

my favorite weapon on this MS.. gatling gun in shield which can knock anyone down for few second in some PSP game..

the primary weapon MMI-M7S 76.. haha

i think there is an extra full armor version of it.. mm.. i saw some mod on that in magazines before..
that's all here..

To be continue..

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