Thursday, July 29, 2010

MF VF-25F Armored Messiah WIP 9 part 1

alright.. i'm back for this kit again.. plenty of process done.. but still got long way to go.. got the back pack and the leg unit painted.. took four process to done all this part.. each process took about one and half hour so total about six hour use in two days for the whole painting process done for the leg and back pack.. the most tricky part will be the missile pod from the legs and the most easiest part will be the back pack unit..
this will be the inner frame for the leg.. painted with black steel again..

the back pack unit will be my favorite part.. using silver chrome, gold, dark gray mix with black and the most complicated color i use ever for the blue color.. which mix with blue gray, dark gray, black steel, black and gloss blue.. why using so much color in this combination?.. well.. the blue gray fail my expectation.. the blue gray too bright.. after adding gloss blue..still not dark enough.. then dark gray but STILL NOT ENOUGH.. go with black.. but the paint become too watery.. so.. add some black steel because i have no more black paint that not mix with thinner.. most of my paint that almost run our have mix with thinner now..
the missile pod mess up.. all due to the not enough masking tape to cover all the area..

and one last thing.. BAD NEWS!!! the part in the picture above.. should come in pair but.. i lost one of it!!!.. still can't find it.. what should i do?.. anyone can help me?..

to be continue..


David John Shewsbury said...

Wow Macross kit, I never touch any of them yet.... is it easy like Gundam also?

seven6398 said...

Shewbury: erm.. should be like the transformable gundam.. like those Zeta.. but one cool thing for this series is it quite similar to the MG gundam series.. if you are gunpla builder.. it shouldn't be hard for you..


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