Saturday, July 3, 2010

MF VF-25F Armored Messiah WIP 7

some primary weapon other than missile.. so.. the advantage of getting this kit.. you can have the normal gatling guns and the sniper rifle from michael at the same time..

first.. start with sniper rifle.. well.. those four expandable parts.. must be extra careful as it fragile.. i broke of it actually.. got it glue back..
alright.. sniper rifle complete.. should add an scope on top.. lots of the parts are expandable..

gatling gun..
parts are small.. so better to have small part stick together just after cut it out from the runners.. to prevent loss..
like this..
what is in your mind.. mine?.. this is an AK-47.. haha..

bottom plate was pretty loose..

the shield.. forgot to take a photo of the complete shield.. and i totally forgot about the dagger.. should get the dagger into this post.. haha.. maybe next time..

to be continue..

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