Monday, July 26, 2010

The foundation of seven6398

alright.. so.. i'm just realized that this blog has been 2 years old since 2008.. well.. that was the time where i'm still stick with version 1.. but after the end of version 1 that migrated back to i decided to build my own blog.. i think of using to post all the pictures of my collection but i found that it quite messy and hard to manage.. so.. instead of using the platform of wordpress.. i choose blogspot.. well.. i think both have it's own benefits.. i choose blogspot because of following as my guide that time.. and i learn fast on using blogspot.. i think i have mention in some of my blog post why i took so many pictures and post it here.. well.. i don't have so much place to display all my collection but internet will be the best solution for me.. so.. the first reason for me to post out so many photos here is to display all my collection in a place which i can simply review back in anytime i want..

but blogging seems quite fun for me after that.. as i saw comments coming in.. and after i put sitemeter to track  visits.. it even encourage me more when sawing there are visitors coming in.. so.. more pictures and decoration pump in to the blog.. well.. it become a little bit messy after that.. i do give up that time when i'm addicted to the number of visit each day and it is not improving.. but after i think of the first reason that i create the blog.. and the visitors that came in.. i decided to improve my blog.. such as better navigation.. rearrange all the side bar.. make it look tidier.. invite some sponsors.. and wake myself up.. let the number of visitors be natural.. blogging is for me to share things out.. make some friends.. and to display my own collection so i can enjoy it when i want.. but have to thanks for you guys that visit, support and giving me advise to improve my skill.. 

so.. some pictures of showing my previous work place and current work place.. 

so.. this is the foundation of two years ago.. still using a desktop with an bulk CRT monitor.. haha.. the blue color chair?.. broke since my weight increase a lot this few years.. haha..
the table was my major problem that time.. while i use this table for study.. i also use this table for assemble the gunpla that time.. and the table was too small for me to do two task at the same time.. so..
i change to a bigger table.. more space.. but still.. old habit.. have everything on the table.. this is best i can do to make the table more tidy.. the old desktop? at the living room now.. collecting dust.. my sister give me her laptop because she plan to change a new one that time.. it was about a year ago..
and what about the box.. like in the pictures.. i have fold a lot of box and it still end up.. filling up on my table and cupboard.. my mom told me to have all the box in other house.. and my answer will always.. "i will when i have time to go there" which i seldom go there.. no one live there.. so.. only some basic furnitures there.. that explain why i seldom go there..

the three pictures above was how i display my kits two years ago.. i don't have much kit that time..
and this is the one that just updated.. having the latest MG GN-X in.. and now.. i'm started to have problem.. and the problem is.. i use to paint kits now.. and usually i won't keep my painted kit in the box as i feel the paint might easily scratch off.. so i use to display the painted kit out but as what can seen in the display shelf.. i have no idea that which one should i get it into the box next as most of them are display according to the series.. 

lastly.. i have to thank for all of you for dropping by into



David John Shewsbury said...

Wow... CRT monitor - classic...You got plenty of great stuff there...

About the blogging thingy, don't worry so much about lots of traffic and visitors, most important is you share your hobby and passion thru it and surely someday there will visitors come to visit your blog.

Sharing is caring....

It's good to have balance between real life and blogging life...

There is more in life away from the computer monitor...

seven6398 said...

David: haha.. that i get rid of the CRT monitor last year.. no one want it and feel it such a waste if it just left it at the dustbin.. well.. balancing the real life and the internet world really important.. i agree with you..

LEon said...

Hey you have a great collection of Gundam Model kits! It really take lot of passion to do the model kit and blog for 2 years. Way to go bro!

seven6398 said...

Leon: thx bro.. i never gve up and keep on contribute..


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