Tuesday, July 27, 2010

some kind of sushi box for your paint

ok.. it is not a sushi box.. but just some box that carry the paint when the seller order their stock.. and the seller told me that they only will give customer this box when the customer purchase more than 3 bottle of paint.. i mean that small bottle..

and this is it.. the paint i bought for this month.. purposely get these for the MF VF-25F..

-mr.color dark gray
-mr.color blue gray
-mr.color gold
-mr.color silver chrome
-mr.color thinner

the thing i forgot to buy.. the surfacer.. damn.. ti'm running out of surfacer now.. zzz.

and the cost for all of this.. RM50.. that's the bad side when addicted to painting.. the cost of the kit increase because of the paint that use.. i mean the cost of buying the kit and paint for the kit together..

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