Friday, July 2, 2010

HG Murasame Andorew Waldfeld Custom WIP 1

since i got most of the assembled part completed.. i post them all in one post.. lazy.. haha.. working on two mobile fighter jet transformable unit..

well this kit seriously had similar design with Zeta series.. i will explain one by one later on.. lets take a look the boxart first.. haha..

ok.. some old version HG here.. from seed series.. look at the HG freedom and HG Strike freedom.. i hate that design a lot.. the best one will be HG Infinite Justice and HG Destiny..

total of 6 runners include the display stand.. foil stickers are included..

one bad thing about the head design is the V-fin is too short from what i found from the boxart.. i always wondering why the head look so weird whereas the one that i found in the anime or boxart is so nice..

i guess after seeing the structure of the body or the chest.. it have explained why i feel this kit similar to Zeta series.. first similarities.. opening the front chest to the top..

the second part go directly to the backpack which is the wing unit.. the second similarities to Zeta series.. tail stabilizer and the wing look exactly like the Zeta plus but the wing fold the other way.. like the YF macross series.. (is that called cross wing?)

ok.. the arm unit remain simple and more toward the design of astray.. same as the shoulder..

waist unit.. missile pods on top of front skirts.. we saw those murasame use this weapon often when attacking the minerva..

quite simple for the legs..

so.. legs unit.. third similarities to Zeta family..

weapon.. look at the shield.. that's it.. the fourth similarities of this kit to Zeta family.. but the shield just a bit bulkier..
gear and extra part for MA mode.. the fifth similarities.. both hand or palm keep at the back in MA mode..

so.. this is it.. the pre-assembling process completed.. well.. it definitely an Astray in Zeta family for this kit.. haha..

to be continue..

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