Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Back!!! The Invasion and New loots

alright.. i'm officially back again.. haha.. yeah..  i leave the blog few days not update.. it was due to my work again.. and the stupid internet line down for almost 3 days.. leave from home less than half an hour after wake up and sleep one hour later just after i reach back home.. don't even have time to fix the internet line.. luckily the internet line recover at Monday.. i guess my bro fixed it.. but still working on that day.. so.. only able to post something up yesterday...  so.. three topic in this post.. first.. i'm back.. second.. the invasion.. haha

this is the invasion i'm talking about all this kit now are filling up in my table till i can't work on other kit.. well.. just get all back to the box yesterday and i have my tidy table back.. 6 HG not include the stark jegan and throne eins haven't started on next progress yet.. have to finish up my GN-X.. going to get the compressor today.. more gashapon toys.. haha
the third topic?.. yeah.. new loots.. finally i got this MG ZZ gundam.. it was in my plan of collecting the MS team from ZZ Gundam series.. now i have the MG Zeta, MG Mk 2 and this this MG ZZ gundam.. the next one will be MG Hyakushiki.. the original version without balute system... which come in plated gold but not the HD gold version.. FAZZ?.. only i have extra money and time.. or else.. won't be getting it yet..
haha.. another stuff added to my loot.. i was planning to buy some gashapon from JUSCO yesterday.. saw the Unicorm DG (digital grade) series.. i thought the DG kit only need one coin which cost fro RM 4.. to bad.. those DG need 3 coins which is RM 12 for one spin to the kit.. damn.. i can buy a SD for that.. so.. give up on DG kit and look for something that only need one coin.. and.. found this.. Sangokuden series..
it is an normal soldier with Guan Yu's armor, helm and weapon..
look not bad huh..



GunStray said...

0_o, three Cgue's??

Thats a cr@pton of loot you got there, and that Gasaphon...meh^^;;

seven6398 said...

Gunstray: yeah.. the CGUE is cheap.. that's why got 3.. crapton?..

GunStray said...

...Should have said something else beside cr@pton, but Double ZZ MG is rare nowadays or maybe its just here in canada, dunno^^;


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