Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HGUC Stark Jegan WIP 1

i saw this MS before the release of the Unicorn movie.. during i was kit.. it was in Sd.. well not that into it that time.. well.. after seeing some teaser and the episode one of the Unicorn Movie.. OMG.. this is one awesome bombastic grunt unit that equipped with so many different missile.. cluster bomb from bazooka, missiles, bazooka, beam rifle and also beam saber.. and with lot of armor.. well.. the first battle was awesome eventhough it lose to the mighty kshatriya.. but i love this kit so much..

anti-ship assault mobile suit it stated.. well.. it can fight well with other MS too.. better than those normal Jegan that destroy by kshatriya without giving a fight..

it come with two different lenght beam saber.. mm.. why?

what i found out about this kit was it doesn't come with any foil stickers.. i was like.. did i miss the stickers or lost it somewhere else.. but i just couldn't find it even in the manual.. that maybe a good thing.. but also the bad thing which meas that i need to paint a lot of different parts that mold together..

the body and the head were simple.. there are lot of additional parts from jegan for the head which make me confuse.. because i try to cut out the parts without looking at the manual.. well.. that is a bad habit..
after that.. missile pod.. this is my favorite part of this MS.. shoulder weapon..

large feets.. US 12 or UK 13 size of shoes?.. XD..

the armors for the leg is kind of loose..
articulation for the legs?.. erm.. not that bad i guess..

the part i hate most.. why still using ball joint type for the pelvis.. isn't as a new HGUC should have some improvement of joint.. this minus point for the articulation..

just don't feel happy of completing the waist armor.. it does require lot of the paint work.. i mean different color on the same part in some tiny area.. gosh.

the backpack is another simple part to do with it..

same as the weapon.. well.. the bazooka is a bit different from the conventional bazooka in gundam world.. the back of the bazooka is the leaning on the shoulder but under the shoulder ( the waist area) just like those Gunner pack from Gunner Zaku in Seed series.. it may look cool that.. easier to create some nice shots.. i mean pictures.. but definitely decrease the mobility of this MS to post..

additional right palm for holding the weapon.. it should come in a pair so we don't have to purchase manipulator.. the normal palm only able to hold the beam saber but not the bazooka nor beam rifle..
well.. my opinion on this kit.. it should be well articulated like the Jegan but due to the extra armors and weapons.. mobility decreases.. after going through some HG from Seed and OO series and getting back to HGUC.. always feel that HGUC always have the best quality in terms of the joint and the stiffness for the joint.. part of that.. always feel that kits from HGUC are more solid compare to different 1/144 scale gundam series.. each parts and the proportion had been design well to match the real unit in the anime.. my favorite joint in this kit? the elbow joint.. that is one of the stiff, solid and flexible joint in this kit..

to be continue..

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