Thursday, July 22, 2010

MG rezel in October? OMG

OH MY FREAKING GOD.. no fault word ok?.. my hand was itch and my addiction piercing me from the back while i'm doing my assignment.. so i open the browser and check out my blog.. and from the fan's blog news.. i saw.. MG REZEL COMING ON OCTOBER!!! i was like.. this is crazy.. well.. i don't share much of gunpla news here but seeing the new like this.. i can't hold myself of writing this post.. the transformation of the leg for rezel is totally different from Zeta series eventhough Rezel was from Zeta family.. in HGUC.. the transformation was swapping the parts for the legs.. what do you think in MG?

another exited kit was this.. the HGUC Delta Plus.. some kind of hyakushiki form that can transform into MA mode like the wave rider.. looking forward to this too..

ok.. back to assignment now..


Anonymous said...

Well, the ReZEL is a distant relative of the Zeta, distant as in its a mix of the Methuss, Zeta and Jegan all rolled into one.

Its a more cheaper alternative to the ReGZ that was before this.

As for the MG, it should follow it's GFF version transformation and no need to do part swapping.

seven6398 said...

bd77: oo.. i almost forgot the GFF version.. any review on how the GFF version transform?.. i'm still can't think how it transform.. haha..

Anonymous said...

Asked and you shall receive:

No part swapping needed, just disassemble and reassemble back the pieces.

ps. this site will make your wallet cry. Loud.

seven6398 said...

bd77: got it.. never thought GFF like an MG.. and the transformation structure is actually same as Zeta but just the way the leg bend is slightly different..


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