Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1/100 Akatsuki Oowashi pack

update some new photos of my NG 1/100 Akatsuki.. i have too less photos from the last post of this kit and can't get the right angle that time..

not much thing done on this kit.. no panel line except the shield since most of the parts are in gold plated.. use most of the markings and foil stickers on this kit..

BANDAI!!! when are you going to release this kit in MG format???..

the last few pictures was my favorite pose.. the only nice pose that this kit can do is the normal standing pose in my opinion..


Q said...

You put the Bandai logo decal on the Akatsuki as well XD

Nice Akatsuki there. I was originally planning to buy this and build this for my sister but she went for the 1/144 HG instead at the end. Sometimes a simple standing pose can be one of the best and natural poses out there~

seven6398 said...

Q: ya.. haha.. thx.. now i'm into 1/144 scale model kit as well.. smaller and easier to paint.. and the price won't cost much for me to practice my painting skill.. buying this actually can afford two 1/144 akatsuki with different pack as compare to this one only one akatsuki with one pack.. but i found the proportion of 1/144 akatsuki is a bit rounded at most of the edge..

divinelight said...

woah nice akatsuki you have there.
this guy really need an MG format, kinda not like how thin his arms are.

even though the price will be much the same with MG 00 riser if it surfaced


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