Friday, February 26, 2010

HG Calamity WIP 7

OH SHIT!!! i made a terrible mistake on choosing the color for the dark green.. it suppose to be blueish dark green.. but i got it paint in metallic green.. i'm realized it after i complete paint the whole kit and compare to the manual.. somehow i still love this metallic green even though now i have all the color wrong.. such as yellowish orange or dark yellow become light yellow..

still have some minor detail need to work on.. here show the before and after paint picture..

before paint..
after paint..

to be continue..


Asian1skill said...

nice selection of colors!!! way better than the plastic. did u follow the color guide on the manual or no???

seven6398 said...

Asian1skill: thx.. i try to follow it but i got the wrong color.. but never mind.. i feel this color look nice too.. haha

ZoiDieCT ArchAeA said...

despite choosing the wrong color, but it turn up to be better than the original color!! nice!!

Asian1skill said...

yes i agree its much better than the original/plastic color dey gave u so yea and ur airbrushing skills are getting good fast hope i can learn as fast as u until i get ma own airbrush someday lol

Shinra said...

Looks good! Colors go well together even if you didn't mean to use them.

seven6398 said...

Zoidiect: thx.. i'm started to love the color too.. now i need some red panel line..

Asian1skill: don't worry.. you will definitely can master the airbrush skill faster than me.. some how i'm still in basic level.. i'm trying to practice more to strengthen my basic skill first..

seven6398 said...

shinra: thx.. nice to meet you and thx for adding me into your blog link..

Q said...

The teal colour still looks good, even though the change is unexpected. Calamity is not a very popular Gundam, so it's nice to see someone building it~

chubbybots said...

Wow turned out really good man!! 'nice' accident haha!!

Thanks for adding me to your blog!! I'll add yours to mine too :D Any pictures you prefer for a banner ^^

seven6398 said...

Q: agree.. too bad it doesn't come in my favorite scale.. the 1/100

Chubbybot: thx.. nice to meet you too.. mm.. picture..

what about this one?



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