Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Project

last time i don't like to collect the 1/144 scale model kit is because of it require a lot of work to make it look detail and that time i don't have any tools and skill.. just rely on the straight build kit.. but now.. i need to move up to another level.. have to try something else.. getting tools and improve my skill.. even though most of the 1/144 scale model kit require a lot of painting but there is one good thing about the HG 1/144 scale model kit which is the proportion and the articulation is better than most of the NG 1/100.. yeah i know the NG 1/100 OO series gundam were great in articulation and also proportion but not for Exia and OO gundam in terms of proportion.. i've been thinking of slow down my NG 1/100 scale model (slow down long time ago).. and focus more on HG 1/144 kits since most of the additional weapon or accessory only available in that scale whereas the NG 1/100 scale model don't have all those additional weapon and the number of types is so less like no NG 1/100 masurau or reborn gundam.. the only 1/100 scale model kit that i will remain the speed will be the MG (master grade) and the rest of the seed destiny NG 1/100 (thinking of getting those zaku only)..

alright.. starting a new project.. a HGUC 1/144 rezel.. its been a while i didn't touch any 1/144 model kit.. but those UC 1/144 kit really caught me eyes on it like rezel and stark jegan.. and some of the new HG OO series 1/144 like masurao and reborn gundam.. damn.. i like it.

i was planning to get the gunmetal color but too bad that most of the store in Times Square doesn't have it and since chinese new year is coming.. they can only restock after chinese new year where i'm planning to build something during chinese new year.. so i get the black steel color and also a gold color for standby.. i'm still need to get the flat white..

i got a sad story to share here.. remember those transformable mobile suit from Gundam Seed Destiny which one of it called murasame.. i'm kind of like the design.. almost 3 years back where the currency for exchanging Rm to yen at 100 yen equal to RM 3.30 .. the HG murasame only cost RM 39.. i was damn stupid that i didn't purchase it.. that kit starting to vanish in the market as i check some of the Japan online shop also doesn't have the regular color unit which is in red, black and white (astray red frame color scheme) but only have the custom version (Andrew Walfeld version which in black, gold and red).. but i was able to found both version in some local store.. the gundam shop in Low Yat upper ground floor and that was one or two years back where the currency have become 100 yen equal to RM 3.5 to RM 3.6.. and that kit cost there was RM 60 which suppose to be only RM 50 something.. i'm still not buying it.. RM 60 for a normal regular HG unit which is not a main character also?. fine.. and almost the whole Kuala Lumpur doesn't have that HG 1/144 murasame anymore even in those JUSCO or Metrojaya that use to keep a lot of old stock except the shop i mention in Low Yat.. the currency now is about 100 yen equal to RM 3.8 and that kit now was cost about RM 60 in Malaysia now.. but do you know how much that shop in Low Yat price that HG 1/144 murasame.. it is RM 80 PLUS EACH!!!!!.. OMG.. i ask for the discount and yet he told me that is the original price that he never increase it at all.. but i saw that was the second price tag which there is an old price tag beneath it.. GOD DAMN IT!!!.. fine.. i have ask other shop that may cost cheaper and look for me for the kit when they have it..


Asian1skill said...

awww u didnt buy a murasame!!! well i i want one too but i gotta save up for like 3 mgs so i cant afford to spend on anything else so yea but i hope to see ur new project soon i like that kit. sure it takes alot of work but its worth it to show off :D

seven6398 said...

Asian1skill: no.. not yet.. still looking for great price.. 3 MGs?.. which one?.. wow.. it going to take long time to finish all..

Tsukinari said...

nice next project.. I got HGUC ReZEL too.. along with MG GN-X... right now im buidling MG GN-X .. so far really nice kit... 1st WISP is up.. can wait to see u using the coloring ^^...

yeah.. yen exhange to RM is very bad now.. all up ORZ.... local shop here sells gunpla like crazy.. very expensive.. imagine MG Sinanju RM350 ORZ

thats why I choose to buy Online direct from japan.. Latest loot was direct from japan 2 MG with 1HG just only less than RM400... (MG Exia Ignition Mode, MG GN-X, and HGUC ReZel) all thanks to the online shop that gave me nice 25% off each kit ^^

looking forward to ur Rezel ^^

seven6398 said...

tsukinari: yeap.. i saw it from your blog.. RM 400 for a that 2 MG and one HG.. that's an great deal.. is that including the shipping fees too?.. can i have the site or link?..

Litt Tak already prepare to off for chinese new year and most of the dealer can't get the new release on time.. i can't find a MG GN-X in KL at all..

actually i'm still have no idea what i want to do with the rezel.. thinking of adding panel line with the scribble and mat coat.. bout the color.. i haven't decide yet.. maybe i will just pre-build it first..

luckily i have bought the sinanju for RM 260 only when it first release.. if want to get some good deal in local shop must spend sometime to look around.. hope the value of RM will rise.. XD

Tsukinari said...

@seven - yes below RM400 including shipping cost... I bought from amiami.com ( http://www.amiami.com/shop/?set=english ), I gave A rough intro from my latest loot post here


I see, nice u already have Sinanju.. lol

seven6398 said...

tsukinari: so roughly how much is the shipping fees?.. that really a good deal..


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